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IKT-basiertes gruppenorientiertes Training in ICF(-CY)

Title 2nd conference of ICF-CY user in Germany

This conference at MSH in Hamburg between 19th and 20th october 2014 aimed to actively involve parents into the process of implementation of ICF-CY. Furthermore the conference served as an Validation Meeting for ICF-Train products.

Parents feel ambiguos against ICF-cY: on the one Hand they are afraid of a NEW SECRET (coding) language of the professionals, on the other Hand they see chances, that the usage of ICF-CY might better be able to match the needs of the families and service-delivery

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2nd Consortium Meeting Hamburg

Between 5-7.4.2013 partners held a working meeting in Hamburg with the focus on online assessment. For further information about the outcomes of this meeting contact Claudia Pichler, vinco@aon.at



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Meeting Antalya, April 2-4, 2014
Pictures from the consortium meeting:


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