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ICT-based Team Learning in ICF(-CY)


What is ICF-Train?

  • ICF-Train is a LLP (Lifelong Learning Project) funded by the European Union.
  • It is carried out by 12 partners from 6 European countries and coordinated by VINCO from Kapfenberg, Austria.
  • The main project contents is the development of a combined Web2.0 online team assessment tool and real-time online skill training tool.
  • This tool shall facilitate the usage of ICF-CY* as "common language" for professionals and clients in service delivery and training in ECI / ECCE **.
* (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children and Youth, by WHO)
** (Early Childhood Intervention / Early Childhood Care & Education)

Project Aim and Objectives

  • To integrate ICF-CY training knowledge into selected mainstream training courses for professionals working in ECI, taking into account national diversity;
  • To increase the quality of ICT-based professional training and service-delivery in prevention and rehabilitation; for children with special education needs (SEN) by using ICT-learning tools in transdisciplinary teams (psychologists, special educators, MDs, ...);
  • The empowerment of parents as equal partner;
  • To initiate processes of comparable data collection (based on the ICF numeric code) related to the comparability of services and of quality;
  • To contribute to the higher participation of children with SEN and their parents focusing on strengths and resources and by parental access to professional assessment procedures in ECI.

Results / Tangible outcomes

  • Online team assessment using ICF-CY as a language for professionals and clients
  • Real-time online skill training tool in a community of practice (web2.0 based)
  • Customized tool kit for individualized learning

Karin Kräftner
Wienerstraße 60, A-8506 Kapfenberg, Austria
Phone/Fax: +43/3862/32332
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