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ICT-based Team Learning in ICF(-CY)
Partners (institutional) name VINCO - Association Interdisciplinary Cooperative
Responsible person (for the project) Karin Kräftner, Geschäftsführerin / General Manager
Address Wiener Straße 60, 8605 Kapfenberg, Austria
Homepage http://www.vinco.at
Main area of work concerning early childhood intervention (ECI) Vinco is a NGO-based Competence and Support Center providing primarily services for preventive assistance of persons with disabilities (focus: trans disciplinary intervention in children with disabilities). Next to others Vinco provides training for learners with dyslexia. Specifically trained staff is available and also research experience within that field is present. Furthermore VINCO focuses on continuous education (=training processes for professionals, mainly in the field of dyslexia).
Former or present other project activities concerning ECI and ICF
What else is important and one should know about this institution Vinco was operative partner within the www.ebiff.org project and strategic partner within www.kids-strengths.eu project. Vinco runs national projects primarily in the field of language (e.g. "Multikulturelles Sprachprojekt Kapfenberg "- co-financed by EIF).
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