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ICT-based Team Learning in ICF(-CY)

Dissemination Review - Copies of dissemination material and activity documentation

List of available documents - click on a link to display an info item:

3rd newsletter deutsch_mailingliste aus der FF Norderstedt.docx (573 kB)
Antalya poster presentations_SK.pdf (272 kB)
Broschuere_August 2013.pdf (1.7 MB)
Broschüre_ICF Anwenderkonferenz 2013_Schwerte(1).jpg (139 kB)
CBS_2013_pp128-133.pdf (6.1 MB)
Conference presentation 14-15May2013_SK.pdf (519 kB)
Conference presentation 15-17 July 2013_SK.pdC (671 kB)
Conference_Invitation_6Sept2013_SK.pdf (337 kB)
Conference_Programme_6Sept2013_SK.pdf (530 kB)
Contribution in conference proceedings_6.9.2013.pdf (358 kB)
Department_leaflet_for_new_students_SK.pdf (163 kB)
Dissemination Antalya April 2014.JPG (3.1 MB)
Dissemination May 2014-Team.JPG (1.9 MB)
Dissemination of conference invitation 6 Sept 2013.docx (175 kB)
Dissemination_ICF Anwenderkonferenz 2013_ Schwerte.jpg (155 kB)
Dissemination_ICF-Train_poster_IFF-Norderstedt_Januar 2014.jpg (105 kB)
Dissemination_press.pdf (794 kB)
DisseminationMay 2014 Team.JPG (704 kB)
ICECI_Antalya_5.4.2014.pdf (365 kB)
ICF Vortrag auf der PacRim conferenz on disability and diversity.jpg (118 kB)
ICF-CY Info_poster_SK.pdf (19.8 MB)
ICF-CY Info_poster_SK_smallfile.pdf (1.8 MB)
ICF-CY Info_poster_TR.pdf (20.7 MB)
ICF-CY Info_poster_TR_smallfile.pdf (1.7 MB)
ICF-CY Poster_ExpressiveTherapies SK.pdf (808 kB)
ICF-CY Poster_MultisensoryEnviroments SK.pdf (1.3 MB)
ICF-CY_Eltern_Info_Poster.pdf (22.2 MB)
ICF-CY_parent_information_poster_EN.pdf (21.2 MB)
ICF-CY_parent_information_poster_EN_smallfile.pdf (1.5 MB)
ICF-Train on FPCEUP website_Porto_2013.pdf (408 kB)
ICF_Train on ANIP website_Porto_14.5.2014.pdf (405 kB)
ICF_Train on FPCEUP website_Porto_22.4.2014.pdf (499 kB)
ICF_Train on PRO PARES website_Porto_29.4.2014.pdf (400 kB)
News article on Porto University website_14.11.2014.pdf (271 kB)
Poster ICF-TRAIN.pdf (670 kB)
Presentation of ICF Train Project_Porto_12.04.2013.pdf (256 kB)
Presentation of ICF-Train Project_Porto_11.03.2014.pdf (298 kB)
Presentation of ICF-Train Project_Porto_8.4.2014.pdf (275 kB)
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