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ICT-based Team Learning in ICF(-CY)
Partners (institutional) name S.I.N.N. Evaluation
Responsible person (for the project) Manfred Pretis
Address Lerchengasse 4c
A-8053 Seiersberg Austria
Homepage http://www.sinn-evaluation.at
Main area of work concerning early childhood intervention (ECI) Social innovative Network is a private research and consulting enterprise primarily dealing with development and evaluation of social programmes and curricula (especially in the field of vulnerable groups). Size: 3-4 co-workers. Areas of work: evaluation of outcomes of preventive services, quality management (www.eqm-pd.com). Early Childhood Intervention www.precious.at, www.ebiff.org, www.strong-kids.eu. Development of services, health promotion of vulnerable children (www.camhee.eu), development of caring competences (www.carers-project.eu), sustainability (www.enevaproject.eu) or certification of individual skills (www.easyict.eu)
Former or present other project activities concerning ECI and ICF
What else is important and one should know about this institution Dr. Pretis is author of diverse books in the field of early support for children and adolescents. Social Innovative network is board member of the International Society of Early Intervention, responsible for training issues and curricula development. S.I.N.N. created training programs focusing on the assessment of resources and risks for children.
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