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IKT-basiertes gruppenorientiertes Training in ICF(-CY)
Offizieller Name der Institution European Association on Early Childhood Intervention EURLYAID
(Für das Projekt) verantwortliche Person Ana Maria Serrano , Jacques Schlösser
Adresse Rue Belair 17, 8508 Redange/Attert, Luxembourg
Homepage http://www.eurlyaid.eu
Hauptarbeitsgebiet(e) im Bezug auf Frühförderung (ECI) Eurlyaid organises seminars and conferences and assists in implementing strategies and politics in Early Childhood Intervention across Europe (e.g. by means of its “Manifesto” and the development of a Parental Satisfaction Scale. The 40 partners represent most of EU27 and associated countries (e.g. Norway). These core partners are involved in national and local networks and therefore reach the majority of stakeholders in the field. Furthermore the partners resent cross-sectoral professional groups (Medical doctors, special educators, psychologists, therapists and parent-associations…) and therefore represent an ideal basis towards the transdisciplinary cooperation via ICF. Also regarding the scope and type of the member organisations they represent rofessional associations, parent organisations, research institutions, training centres.
Andere Projektaktivitäten (laufend bzw. abgeschlossen) mit Bezug zu ECI und ICF Previous collaboration and contacts within EU working groups (Gera Conference 2010)
Was sonst noch wichtig ist und wissenswert über die Institution ist Eurlyaid is a NGO, based in Luxembourg, focusing on promotion, research and dissemination in field of Early Childhood Intervention on European level.
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